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Bluefire guide in the crater of ijen volcano banyuwangi

Ijen Volcano and Bluefire Guide in Banyuwangi
Bluefire kawah ijen volcano is able to be seen at night when before the sunrising

Ijen Volcano and Bluefire guide in Banyuwangi

is a bluefire tour guide that will be seen in the middle of the night, this happens because of the interaction of gas sulfure in the air at certain temperature, sulfure gas will burn at air pressure with temperatures around 600 degrees and gas burning sulfure will emit a blue flame known as bluefire
How to bluefire guide in Ijen Volcano is to climb the peak height of about 2345 mdpl and down to the bottom of the crater around 800 meters which contains a lake containing the highest acid in the world.

Bluefire guide in the sunrise poin
The spot of sunrise view is in altitude  2985 mdpl, after seen the bluefire will over hiking around 800 meters to reaching the right place for waching sunrise and  sea.

Ittenerary and tour price

  • 00.30 am : start to leaving for hotel
  • 02.00 am : arrive in paltuding,the end of meeting poin before climbing
  • 03.30 am : orientation spot of blue fire
  • 04.15 am : back climbing to poin of sunrise
  • 05.15 am : enjoing sunrise
  • 06.15 am : return to go down 
  • 07.30 am : finish back to hotel

Tour Price

  1. Open Trip  : IDR 275,000/person
  2. Private.      : IDR 950,000 ( 2 pack)

What's include
  1. Transport
  2. Ticket fee to crater of ijen
  3. Gas mask
  4. Local Guide

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