This is ijen volcano

Ijen volcano contains the world's largest acidic volcanic lake. It is located in east Java, Indonesia. The Ijen volcanic complex consists of several stratovolcanoes and cinder cones and a 20 km wide caldera. Ijen caldera is the largest in Java. The size of the crater is about 960 m x 600 m. The primary dangers at Ijen are pyroclastic flows, lahars, and lava flows.

This is lake at Ijen Crater

When it comes to guides, several Indonesian companies offer tours, but the best way to go about seeing the blue fire of Kawah Ijen volcano is to hire a local guide.

This is the miners when bring up sulfur into the busket

Then it is just better for you to back off and let the miners pass. Of course, with 70kg resting on your shoulder, you wouldn't want to wait for some tourist either, so they always should have the right of way. While they also don't request any money for the photos, some of them sell goods made out of sulfur

This is red island for surfing

Pulau merah or Pulo merah is a beach and tourist attraction in the district of pesanggaran,this beach is known for a small green hill with a red land located near the beach,the hill can be visited on foot at low tide. Red island beach is one of the leading destinations in Banyuwangi that located in Sumberagung Village, Pesanggaran District, or 60 km from the city center...

This is coffe plantation around ijen volcano

kali klatak coffe plantation Kaliklatak not the name of a creek or river. He is the name of a plantation located in the eastern most tip Jawadwipa, aka Java. This plantation is located in Banyuwangi exactly who obtained an abundance of grace of God Almighty in the earth's natural environment and a fertile, beautiful, and fascinating.Kaliklatak Plantation

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Ijen Homestay

Ijen homestay adalah tempat penginapan yang berada di pusat kota banyuwangi,di rancang untuk memberi kenyamanan untuk para tamu yang ingin beristirahat, bangunan rumah ini berukuran 5 m x 10 m di lengkapi dengan air condition dan layar datar TV, memberikan fasilitas juga untuk wifi dan ruang santai yang bersih dan jauh dari polusi udara,untuk menjangkau homestay ini sangat mudah sekali dan banyak akses jalan yang menuju ijen homestay, transportasi dari kedatangan tamu ke banyuwangi melalui dermaga ketapang,stasiun kereta api dan terminal bus dapat menggunakan transportasi umum,taxi,yang harganya terjangkau menuju alamat homestay : Jln. Mataram 39,Taman Baru - Banyuwangi.
Harga sewa kamar terbagi menjadi 2 pilihan :

A. Kamar dengan AC, Layar screen TV, Toilet, harga : 200.000IDR/hari.

B. Kamar dengan fan, Layar screen TV, Toilet, harga : 150.000IDR/hari.
Termasuk sarapan/breakfast, Teh, Coffee

waiting room of guest
Waiting room and lobby of guest at ijen homestay


bed room with fan at ijen homestay
singgle bedroom with fan at ijen homestay


guest room with air condition
bedroom for two people with air condition at ijen homestay

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