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Ijen tour to bunsring under water

Bungsring under water,object destination to diving

Bansring under water
sailing on the boat for snorkeling and diving

relaxing at floting house
bansring floating house

Tourist Destination at Bangsring Beach Underwater Banyuwangi There are many entertaining activities that can be done at Bangsring Banyuwangi Beach location. You can choose activities that suit your liking. Below are the activity options you can take Bangsring Beach Tour Rumah Apung Interesting place visited by many tourists is Bangsring Rumah Apung.
this place is the biggest attraction
keramba or tamer shark with area 3 times 3 meters

Rumah Apung is located at a distance of 20 meters from the beach. This place is the biggest attraction in Bunder Bangsring Underwater. You can board a boat to reach Rumah Apung. You can also rent a boat back from this place to sail. The types of boats that can be rented are canoe and banana boat. The number of canoes provided amounted to 17 pieces, while banana boat available 4 pieces. You do not worry when lingering in Rumah Apung. Place an area of ​​27 times 7 meters has been providing toilet facilities for visitors. In this place there are also keramba-keramba or tamer shark with area 3 times 3 meters amounted to 8 pieces. You who do not dare to go down, you can see from above. This floating house is built somewhat to the middle so that the sharks that live in the cage can survive comfortably. This floating house is also a fitting place to see the charm of the sunset. The form is simple but unique, a special attraction for the tourists who come. You can rest in this place, while waiting for dusk to arrive.
Snorkeling at  bansring under water
diving and snorkeling at bansring under water

The exotic landscape of the sunset will look more beautiful in the middle of the sea Bangsring Beach. Sensation of  Another interesting thing you can do in the Floating House is to swim with a herd of sharks, as has been described in the above description. Rumah Apung already provides complete equipment for diving, for you who want to try the sensation of swimming with this nose-nosed fish. You will be guided by divers who are in this place. Do not worry, divers will always put your safety first. It takes a special technique to be able to swim with the existing sharks. You have to get down into the water very slowly so the fish do not feel surprised. After being fully in a pond cage, you also still have to maintain the attitude of caution by not making a sudden and rapid movement. Try to be calm. The sharks that are bred in Bangsring Beach are brown sharks, with black fin shoots. When you are able to adjust to the state of the pool, sharks as it welcomes your arrival with a swim around you. This is sure to be a valuable experience for you yes. Swim with the ferocious fish. To capture your moments, you can rent an underwater camera. Not only sharks that are in the cage, you will be accompanied by small fish such as ornamental fish, lobsters, and so forth.
Diving at bansring
snorkeling to see the beauty of plantation under sea

Happy Dive Grand Watudodol

1x Dive Rp 250.000
2x Dive Rp 350.000

Included in Happy Dive Grand Watudodol

A. Dive Gear
B. Guide Dive
C. Refreshment

not included :

Wetsuit Rp 50.000 / unit
Rent Underwater Camera Rp 100.000 / unit


07.00 Meeting point GWD, diving and brieving preparation activities

08.00 Start Diving at Grand Watudodol Beach Banyuwangi

12.00 Out of the beach, lunch break

13.00 Continuing the diving around the Grand Watudodol beach spot

15.00 Finish Diving, rinse and re-check the diving tool

Diving tool

the tools of diving

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