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>> Ijen Climbing

Walking up in the top of mountain should to use gas mask to avoid sulphure gas inhaled
walking down passing the slope of mount ijen

ijen crater in level of 2345 mdpl
elevation sign in ijen crater

Enjoing the panorama of mountain
Ijen volcano in Indonesia becomes one of volcanos with spectacular scenery. This volcano is located between three regions in East Java Banyuwangi, Situbondo, and Bondowoso. Ijen volcano is categorized to be a medium volcano because the high doesn’t reach up climbing 3.000 mdpl. Though it is not too high, it saves amazing views when you visit it. Amazing Blue Fire in Ijen Volcano in Indonesia A special thing of this volcano is blue fire view. It looks so cool at early morning. Ijen volcano is much famous for its blue fire view. It is a rare nature phenomenon that is only two phenomena in the world. The blue fire comes from sulfur liquid that is mined traditionally by local people around Ijen volcano. To enjoy the beauty of blue fire, you can climb Ijen volcano at the night. A maximal view in Ijen volcano can be seen at early morning when a night gets so darker. One of the typical interests in Ijen volcano in Indonesia is blue fire phenomenon. It is appearing at early morning about 02.00 to 04.00 am. This nature phenomenon becomes an interest of many tourists. Exotic Nature View in Ijen Volcano East Java is famous for its amazing nature objects. One of the spots is Ijen Volcano being a tourism icon in East Java. The destination of Ijen Volcano is a kind of tourism object with a crater located in the top Ijen volcano. This crater has an amazing view and becomes a beaten – water lake in the world. Ijen volcano offers exotic nature beauty so that it gives a distinct interest for tourists coming to the location. In addition to present amazing nature beauty, tourists visiting to this volcano can see the other volcano views in one complex. Those are Raung, Suket, Rante, and Merapi Volcanos. The location of those volcanos are on the east of Ijen crater. From the nature panorama.
wounderful lake when see in the piek of crater
visitors more comfort to see lake in the the piek of crater

Top of crater ijen see the colour on water surfaceIjen volcano has beautiful nature enchantment. At early morning, you will see the beauty of marvelous sunrise. In addition, sunshine shining crater will be deflected so that it forms sparkling tosca spot from the surface. But, you must be careful. This crater looks very calm but it is dangerous actually. If you visit to Ijen volcano, there are some things to prepare. A gas mask is used to protect your respiration in order that you don’t inhale poisonous sulfur smoke. You must prepare your body endurance to climb this volcano area. In addition to see amazing nature scenery, you will see and meet many sulfur miners. The miners are local people employed by a particular company. It adds a unique thing of Ijen volcano in Indonesia. The Right Time to Visit Ijen Volcano in Indonesia The right time to enjoy view of Ijen volcano is about August to September. Those are the best time to see a rare phenomenon of blue fire that can be seen at night. In addition, in a period of time, you will see an overlay of white and yellow Edelweiss flowers blooming in the slope of Ijen volcano in Indonesia.Read more clicking >> banyuwangi tourism to completed your vocation

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