This is ijen volcano

Ijen volcano contains the world's largest acidic volcanic lake. It is located in east Java, Indonesia. The Ijen volcanic complex consists of several stratovolcanoes and cinder cones and a 20 km wide caldera. Ijen caldera is the largest in Java. The size of the crater is about 960 m x 600 m. The primary dangers at Ijen are pyroclastic flows, lahars, and lava flows.

This is lake at Ijen Crater

When it comes to guides, several Indonesian companies offer tours, but the best way to go about seeing the blue fire of Kawah Ijen volcano is to hire a local guide.

This is the miners when bring up sulfur into the busket

Then it is just better for you to back off and let the miners pass. Of course, with 70kg resting on your shoulder, you wouldn't want to wait for some tourist either, so they always should have the right of way. While they also don't request any money for the photos, some of them sell goods made out of sulfur

This is red island for surfing

Pulau merah or Pulo merah is a beach and tourist attraction in the district of pesanggaran,this beach is known for a small green hill with a red land located near the beach,the hill can be visited on foot at low tide. Red island beach is one of the leading destinations in Banyuwangi that located in Sumberagung Village, Pesanggaran District, or 60 km from the city center...

This is coffe plantation around ijen volcano

kali klatak coffe plantation Kaliklatak not the name of a creek or river. He is the name of a plantation located in the eastern most tip Jawadwipa, aka Java. This plantation is located in Banyuwangi exactly who obtained an abundance of grace of God Almighty in the earth's natural environment and a fertile, beautiful, and fascinating.Kaliklatak Plantation

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>>Journey from bali to package tour, sukamade - ijen - bromo through ketapang harbor

PAKET TOUR 4 day 3 night

Transport to Sukamade beach
a vehicle jeeb 4x4 crossing to the river

 Bali - Ijen - Sukamade - Bromo - Surabaya ( 4 Days 3 Nigths ) Specialist Java  tours operator where starting from Bali to East Java to enjoy Ijen crater tours/ Ijen Plateau Tours, Sukamade/Sukomade green turtle beach and Mount Bromo Tours in order you can feel real eco holiday in East Java - Indonesia. 
 Day 01: 

Release baby turtles
Bali – Banyuwangi Our staff will pick you up from Bali airport or your hotel in Bali (Ubud, Sanur or Kuta area) then drive to take you to the most western tip of Bali to reach Ferry port of Gilimanuk for about 3 hours by a private car with AC then upon arrival in Gilimanuk harbor, proceed to take ferry to cross Bali strait for about 1 hour to reach Ketapang ferry port in Banyuwangi (in the most eastern tip of Java Island). The trip goes through the rural landscapes of West Bali and lunch will be served at local restaurant on the way. End of the afternoon drive up to Hotel for stay overnight and having dinner Please choose your accommodation in Ijen Crater area, such as:The Ketapang Indah Hotel or Watudodol Cottages.                                                    Day 02Banyuwangi - Ijen Crater Tours – Sukamade Turtle Beach (B, L, D) Around 05:00 in the morning, our 4WD vehicle (jeep) will bring us to the village of Licin and then continue to the slope of Mount Ijen, passing through plantations and rainforest. This is one of the few remaining on the Island of Java with giant ferns, plants & big trees, this journey takes approximately 1 hour from the hotel by private car. Arrive at the parking area of Mount Ijen, approximately 1 until 1.5 hours will be required to ascend slope of mount Ijen to reach peak of Ijen Crater and along the path, you will enjoy the stunning natural scenery with fresh air & shady. Resting on the edge of the crater at an altitude of 2883 meters and enjoy best panorama of the lake of sulphate where reflects spectacular view in the surrounding walls to give the impression like doom. The sulfur mining workers go down into the crater and climb back up by passing dangerous path on the edge of Ijen Crater with the load as much as 80 kilograms on their shoulders. This is really a dangerous & hard job. Here also, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery in the crater of Ijen as one of God's amazing creation. Do not forget to take pictures in this area as a proof that you have visited one of the most amazing places on earth. After enjoyed the natural scenery at Crater of Ijen and then descend the slope of Mount Ijen until vehicles parking area where our vehicle is waiting for escort you back to the City of Banyuwangi for having lunch at a local restaurant.  Afterward, we will continue to drive to Sukamade Turtle Beach, we will stop in Pesanggaran village to change vehicle to be off road vehicle to cross rivers, rain forest, beach and traditional village before reach Sukamade Turtle beach. It's place to protect Green Turtles. Sukamade Beach is a wild 3 kilometers sand strip on the Indian Ocean where 5 species of turtles come ashore to lay their eggs. Stay at the lodge nearby and return to the beach at night for turtle spotting. Conditions here are very basic, but more often than not visitors are lucky enough to come back with an experience that is both unique and bound to become exceedingly rare. Stay overnight and take dinner at the Lodge or Guest House in Sukamade Day 03: Sukamade Turtle Beach - Mount Bromo (B) After breakfast in Sukamade turtle beach area then spend the morning for exploring the surroundings of Sukamade. This is an area virtually void of people. Go and take a dip in crystal clear waters of the nearby river. Afterward leave in the early afternoon to Mount Bromo and stay over night at Lava View Lodge or Similar hotel where over looking to Mount Bromo slopes. Lunch & Dinner will be served at Local restaurant (B) 
Savana in mount Bromo

mount bromo at east java
mount bromo at probolinggo city,east java

Day 04: Mount Bromo Tours - Surabaya Airport / Hotel (B) At 4 am the 4WD (JEEP) will bring you to the world's most famous view point at Mount pananjakan on the rim of the Tengger caldera to see sunrise with its young volcanic including Mount Bromo and an active Mount Semeru in the back ground is breathtaking the play light shadow with sunrise reach Mountain succession from the top to the bottom and the usual fog of the caldera. Afterward the adventure will be continued to sea sand of Mt Bromo's slope till the parking area of 4WD vehicle (jeep) then continue to an active Mount Bromo volcano by horse riding or on foot. About at 08:00, the 4WD (JEEP) will bring you back to the hotel for breakfast, take shower, packing, loading bags, to the vehicle then transfer out to Surabaya. We will leave Mt. Bromo about at 09:00 or 10:00 to Surabaya and It will take about 3-4hours. /Depend on traffic situation. Note: If your end tour program in Surabaya airport, please take flight leaving from Surabaya after 14:00 or late afternoon. INCLUDED: Pick up service from Bali – Ijen – Bromo – Surabaya ( Private Car with air conditioner ) 1N stay at Hotel of Mt Ijen area ( B ) - 1N stay at Home stay  of Sukamade area ( B L D ) 1N stay at Hotel of Mt. Bromo area ( B ) English speaking guide Jeep 4WD for Ijen Crater Tour, Sukamade Beach Tour & Mount Bromo Sunrise Tours Horse riding in Sea sand of Mount Bromo slopes All entrance tickets Ferry cost from Bali to Ketapang Ferry Port, Banyuwangi Exclude: Airport tax, Travel Insurance Bar, Laundry, Phone call, Internet, Tipping and other personal expenses
read more bali beach review 

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>> Ijen Climbing

Walking up in the top of mountain should to use gas mask to avoid sulphure gas inhaled
walking down passing the slope of mount ijen

ijen crater in level of 2345 mdpl
elevation sign in ijen crater

Enjoing the panorama of mountain
Ijen volcano in Indonesia becomes one of volcanos with spectacular scenery. This volcano is located between three regions in East Java Banyuwangi, Situbondo, and Bondowoso. Ijen volcano is categorized to be a medium volcano because the high doesn’t reach up climbing 3.000 mdpl. Though it is not too high, it saves amazing views when you visit it. Amazing Blue Fire in Ijen Volcano in Indonesia A special thing of this volcano is blue fire view. It looks so cool at early morning. Ijen volcano is much famous for its blue fire view. It is a rare nature phenomenon that is only two phenomena in the world. The blue fire comes from sulfur liquid that is mined traditionally by local people around Ijen volcano. To enjoy the beauty of blue fire, you can climb Ijen volcano at the night. A maximal view in Ijen volcano can be seen at early morning when a night gets so darker. One of the typical interests in Ijen volcano in Indonesia is blue fire phenomenon. It is appearing at early morning about 02.00 to 04.00 am. This nature phenomenon becomes an interest of many tourists. Exotic Nature View in Ijen Volcano East Java is famous for its amazing nature objects. One of the spots is Ijen Volcano being a tourism icon in East Java. The destination of Ijen Volcano is a kind of tourism object with a crater located in the top Ijen volcano. This crater has an amazing view and becomes a beaten – water lake in the world. Ijen volcano offers exotic nature beauty so that it gives a distinct interest for tourists coming to the location. In addition to present amazing nature beauty, tourists visiting to this volcano can see the other volcano views in one complex. Those are Raung, Suket, Rante, and Merapi Volcanos. The location of those volcanos are on the east of Ijen crater. From the nature panorama.
wounderful lake when see in the piek of crater
visitors more comfort to see lake in the the piek of crater

Top of crater ijen see the colour on water surfaceIjen volcano has beautiful nature enchantment. At early morning, you will see the beauty of marvelous sunrise. In addition, sunshine shining crater will be deflected so that it forms sparkling tosca spot from the surface. But, you must be careful. This crater looks very calm but it is dangerous actually. If you visit to Ijen volcano, there are some things to prepare. A gas mask is used to protect your respiration in order that you don’t inhale poisonous sulfur smoke. You must prepare your body endurance to climb this volcano area. In addition to see amazing nature scenery, you will see and meet many sulfur miners. The miners are local people employed by a particular company. It adds a unique thing of Ijen volcano in Indonesia. The Right Time to Visit Ijen Volcano in Indonesia The right time to enjoy view of Ijen volcano is about August to September. Those are the best time to see a rare phenomenon of blue fire that can be seen at night. In addition, in a period of time, you will see an overlay of white and yellow Edelweiss flowers blooming in the slope of Ijen volcano in Indonesia.Read more clicking >> banyuwangi tourism to completed your vocation

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Crater Lake Ijen Volcano

ijen crater lake is the highest acidic lake in the worldin side of lake there is a nature phenomenon bluefire

Ijen crater lake is the highest in the world
Ijen crater lake contains the highest acidic in the word

Ijen crater lake video,the wind blowing hard

       Kawah Ijen, Eastern Java, Indonesia Author: Stuart Wilson The Walk: Length: 8km Time: 4-10 hrs Starting Point: Paltuding Kawah Ijen End Point: Paltuding Kawah Ijen Main Peak: Kawah Ijen (via Ijen crater) 2,799m or 9,183ft Kwah Ijen is a stratovolcano(made up of hardened lava) that sits at its highest point at 2799m which is just short of 10,000ft. It last erupted in 2002 and has remained active ever since continually spewing out sulphur at one edge of the crater. This sulphur is mined by local folk who carry up to 90kg of the stuff up ridiculously steep and dangerous paths over a route of about 2 miles and get paid just $13 per day if they make two journeys. It is immensely difficult work and the miners are often poorly equipped against the fumes and elements with most suffering respiratory problems at some point and with just about all the long term workers expiring far before their years. Being a stratovolcano, Crater lake ijen is the perfectly clichéd volcano shape, it is exactly as though a child has hand drawn their vision, and save for the obligatory red explosion with scribbles of yellow and orange, Kawah Ijen really does look like the perfect volcano. But what draws people to the immense cone is not the shape (though it does look stunning set to a backdrop of golden sunset) nor the height which peeks high enough to see as far as Bali, but for the crater.
1. Sulphure miner
The miner bring up sulfure
The mining when taking up sulfur the weight is 
How to get sunrise at mount ijen
Sunrise spot at the piek of ijen crater
sunrise at ijen crater
others view's of ijen crater,we are able to enjoy sunrise
Sulfure processing in crater area( video )
         The volcanoes straddling East Java, Indonesia - A view as good as it gets? Sulphur miner atop Kawah Ijen maing a living in the hardest possible conditions At its crater Kawah Ijen has a 1 kilometre wide lake filled with sulphuric acid (and the greatest acidic lake on earth) which glows brightly turquoise and is flanked by Gunung Merapi in the imminent distance. All things considered it is mooted as being one of the most beautiful volcanoes in the world offering up views which literally entice visitors from every corner of the globe. But there is good news for those concerned about wading through tourists whilst trying to catch a slice of natural beauty – And that is Gunung Bromo. Mt Bromo is another volcano just down the road (well, just across the plateau) and it is insanely easy to reach with horses plying the route and 4x4’s making most of the trip. With that in mind, the masses of tourists head to Bromo and very few actually make the effort to reach Kawah Ijen bypassing it for the flatter and warmer shores of Bali and beyond the Nusa Tenggara. People generally make the ascent of Kawah Ijen during the daylight hours, but for those willing to make the ascent in darkness a rare phenomenon awaits them known as blue fire. (More later) and they also get to witness the sunrise and so of course, this was what we needed to do.
        The climb through darkness was steepThe route ahead? Knowing it would be absolute darkness, freezing cold, desolate and sulphuric smoke would fill the landscape we bought a torch, face masks and packed our warm clothes and threw our boots on. Balancing getting onto the summit in time to see the blue fire and witness the sunrise, against getting to the summit too early and then sitting in the freezing cold for hours took some planning, and an element of luck and technology. Kawah Ijen can be reached from either Bondowoso or Banyuwangi with most people claiming Bondowoso being the most convenient, however – We were in Bali and so with Banyuwangi being the port of East Java it was where we began our quest. We left Bali at 6.30pm and arriving into Banyuwangi in Java for 11.30pm, but due to time differences it was at 10.30pm. And, everywhere was closed. Pitch black and nothing opened I spent ages finding someone that could help with transport. Eventually I saw some bloke selling tea from a porch and I asked him if he could help us find transport. He knocked up his father who said he might be able to help, he jumped on his scooter and shot off into the dark returning ten minutes later with a driver and a price of 600,000 IDR. He asked if I minded whether he brought his 7 year old son with us and of course I did not mind, I encourage such things. Reports on the web say the road from Banyuwangi to Kawah Ijen is in state of disrepair and passable only by jeeps. It is not, we did it in a Toyota minivan and arrived about 90 minutes later in darkness, cold and at the foot of the volcano (Paltuding Kawah Ijen) under a stunning starry night sky scarcely illuminated by a half moon.

        The dried lava was dangerous in the dark A golden flicker of sunrise Guides surrounded us, but once I pulled out my torch and face masks and I think they knew we knew what we were doing. I thought we were the only foreigners there, but a couple of girls and a guy came over and asked if a guide was compulsory. I told them it was not and they asked if they could walk with us as they were a bit out of their comfort zone. The guy who we had arranged our driver with was called Edi, and his son was called Yusuf, Edi asked if he minded if he and Yusuf accompanied us and so we all set off at about 1.30am in absolute darkness up to an opening in the trees which was barely noticeable. Despite guide books and web reports claiming you must pay entrance we were not charged going up, or coming back down. The way I dealt with the situation about not arriving too late or too early was to use an app called Endomondo on my phone. It is a GPS based route tracker telling you how far/fast you have travelled, I knew the route was about 3km straight uphill and so this meant I could pace accordingly as well as having water stops/rest stops at sufficient intervals. The route begins slightly steep, and after about 15 minutes becomes very steep, so steep in fact that coming back down was a comedy of falls and slips with Jack (my son) falling some fifteen or so times. The route follows a well-trodden volcanic pathway which twists and turns up for about 2.5km to a rest house (which I think is a sugar refinery) We were walking only by our own torch and there were times we had to take serious precautions as the pathway splits and drops and is at times littered with bare tree roots. It was fun for the kids though, a real adventure in the darkness led by a single white strobe of light. But there was a real element of danger as roots randomly popped up here and there and the path simply falls away into huge ankle breaking holes.

2. Blue fire
       The famed blue fire was amazing high above the clouds By the time we got to the rest house we were dripping in sweat and stops of more than a minute resulted in us quickly getting very cold as the sweat lost its heat. In anticipation of this I had brought us dry T-shirts but I did not want to use them until we hit the summit. The walk was hard, and I don't care what anyone else says, not only is it at altitude and so the air is thinner, but the smoke is thick from the rest house onwards and the pathway was a grinding, merciless climb where every step taken was felt. After 3km we were supposed to be at the crater rim, but silhouetted against the night sky I could see the behemoth ahead distorted by plumes of a dark smoke which made the whole experience ever so surreal. After a few minutes at this level the smoke was overbearing and we donned our face masks and wiped the sting from our eyes. After another 1km of a winding, relatively flat path along the side of the volcano and under sparse greenery and foliage we finally saw the route open up a few metres in front. From here we could see speckles of torches in the distance and so made our way literally toward the light. Still in darkness the ground was as bad as it had been, the ankle breakers had become leg breakers and we formed a close knit line walking at slow pace so to ensure we remained on the level and safe ground. We followed a path to where we could see the odd headlight moving slowly (these were the sulphur miners) and found ourselves at a view point which looked out into complete darkness except for some flickering and dancing of blue flames. It was one of the most bizarre occurrences the kids and I have ever seen and it literally looks like fire dancing around in the dark. My camera struggled to focus through the darkness and so the above photo is the best we got as we peered into the darkness of the crater: The blue flames are actually sulphur in the lake setting on fire and burning, this does not just happen at night, but obviously cannot be seen during the day. You can descend down into the crater and toward the flames for a close up look, but the track is dangerous and has claimed lives. Despite the assurances of a miner willing to mind us down I felt it an irresponsible and unnecessary risk to proceed with children in tow.

        Kawah Ijen Crater at sunrise Skirting the rim of the crater After we had sat in awe (and were so cold we just had to move) I checked my clock and it was 4am, the walk had taken us about 90 minutes, but we had a further 1 km to climb up to the craters highest point. This was the point at which the walk became dangerous and the point at which we walked along the rim of the crater, in darkness we had no way of knowing how far the drop was, or how steep it was. We walked in single file slowly up across the cooled and dried lava and headed what looked like towards the stars. The walk was amazingly exciting as every step we took was in a landscape we could not see, to a backdrop of scenery we had not yet witnessed. But, after some 30 minutes we reached the summit of Kawah Ijen and after checking my compass we planted ourselves facing east and watched in awe and anticipation as the horizon began to glow a fire like golden yellow. Starting at around 5am the landscape slowly and almost cautiously came into view, it was like you imagine the surface of the moon to be like, dusty, dry and devoid of life other than those who had made the effort to 7witness nature at its absolute best and most exciting. 

3. Sunrise poin

    We shivered and huddled together and we made up half of the people who had made it to the summit to see the sunrise and this only confirmed to me just how much effort we had put in (as we descended we noticed several tourists who had simply not made it in time) After there was sufficient light we snuck a peek over the crater rim and it rocked me to the core and the kids almost in unison vocally extended their awe at what lay before us. No image I had seen did the view justice and I simply don't have the vocabulary to describe what a phenomenally spectacular view it really was. We were completely mesmerised by not just the view, but the landscape in which we could now see. It is lunar-esque, baron and like nowhere else on earth outside of a volcanic region. And as we made the walk back across the rim I told the kids how proud of them I really was. We had been up for over 36 hours, had travelled some seven hours and walked all night up a mountainous volcano that is extremely steep for 90% of the way, we had done it wearing face masks and in darkness led only by a torchlight and a bit of hope. We had made the effort to summit Kawah Ijen and it had rewarded us in a way which I can’t imagine could ever be beaten. We had felt every step of the climb, had transversed a crater in which a wrong footing could've resulted in serious consequences and through my pride of the kids I wondered if I had perhaps gone too far this time. But it was difficult to balance risk with what filled our minds and the kids were really in their element, Jack was skidding in the dusty lava and every now and again Abi would do a fake fall which she swears was not fake.

         The strongest sulphuric lake on earth The descent was in the light As we made the descent it became apparent just how high we were as the clouds lay thousands of feet beneath us. We looked in amazement at what had previously been nothing but blackness set to a stench of sulphur, we were faced with a vast volcanic range that lead all the way to the East tip of Java. A sea populated with ancient boats all plying the trade between Indonesia’s archipelagos – Clueless that we watched them in a state of euphoria some 10,000ft above them peering through the clouds beneath us. In retrospect the ascent and descent would be near impossible if it was muddy, it is simply at too steep a gradient and would be extremely difficult to climb. If you did somehow manage to make the climb then you risk serious injury on the descent as in the dry season it was a seriously slow and cautious descent. In mud you would have your work cut out. As I now think about what is a beautiful memory I reflect on just what we accomplished, I think about how every step I take is two steps to Jack (my 6 year old son) and yet he persisted through the darkness clinging to his inhaler for the first time of the entire year. I think about how my timid little 8 year old girl looked at me reassuringly as she followed my every footstep around the rim and I feel absolute pride that she continues to do something every day which scares her. And then I think to Charlie (my 11 year old son) who throughout not just the climb, but the entire summer has been an absolute workhorse. He carried around 5 litres of water and plenty of food and clothes up that volcano. Every step he took was against gravity and with a bag so heavy most adults I know would have given up. Yet with a cheeky smile and a will to succeed to he pushed himself past his bodies own abilities. Every one of us involved in ascending Kwah Ijen put in nothing short of maximum effort and as we descended back down the volcano I saw many tourists heading up in daylight looking at the kids and wondering how on earth their tiny legs had defied what even they felt was impossible. Kawah Ijen rewarded our efforts with the most spectacular sunrise we have ever witnessed, draped across the most amazing view we have ever seen and contributed to one of the most amazing nights of our lives.

Expences cost :

Open trip  : IDR 275,000/person
Private.     : IDR 950,000 ( 2 pack)

What's include
# Transport car, gas mask, ticket and local guide #

4. Ligtening of sun
In the morning is able to see sunrising at the top of ijen volcano
Lightining of sunrise at the top of ijen volcano 

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>>Bromo - Ijen Tour

How to get the top of mount bromo
the piek of mount bromo at Probolinggo city
      Page issues cemorolawang is very small hamlet north, east mount bromo,indonesia with altitude is 2,217 meters above see level, anministratively this hamlet is part of gadisari village, sukapura,probolinggo regency, there is point of view to see mount batok and mount bromo, it is principaly for early morning climbs to mount bromo, active volcano stands in the middle of land see,many visitors approach the mountain from surabaya is about three hours, come from bali, and others drive. IJEN and BROMO tour, of the most majestic volcanic landscapes in the Indonesian Ring of Fires; Ijen crater and Mount Bromo. Be mesmerised by the electric blue flames of Ijen which can only be seen in the wee hours. Savour the beauty of the turquoise coloured acidic lake and witness the indomitable spirit of the miners as they battle the treacherous terrain to haul heavy loads of mined sulphur to make a living. Hop on a 4WD to catch the rising sun casting its first rays over the surreal landscape of Tigger Caldera. The fuming Mount Bromo rising from the flat volcanic sand bed of the gigantic caldera will be a sight to behold. The top of Mount Bromo can be reached via 253 concrete steps making it one of the most accessible active volcanos in the world. End the trip with a visit to Surabaya, home to many of the nation’s fiercest independence fighters and thus known to locals as Kota Pahlawan (City of Heroes).
Itenerary, Roundown TourDay 01     SINGAPORE – SURABAYA – BANYUWANGI/BONDOWOSO >Fly directly from Singapore Changi Airport to Juanda International Airport in Surabaya. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by our local representative who will send you to your hotel in Banyuwangi/Bondowoso. (approx. 8 hrs) Overnight: Hotel/Resort in Banyuwangi/Bondowoso

Cemorolawang homestay
Cemoro Lawang Village

Guide of Ijen - Bromo Tour

Hotel recomendation in indonesia

 Day 2    
 BANYUWANGI/BONDOWOSO – IJEN CRATER – CEMORO LAWANG You will be given an early morning wakeup call at around 330am-4am to prepare for the Ijen night hike. A short drive (approx. 45 min) will bring you to the trail head at the Ijen ranger post, where you will start the trek to the Ijen crater (approx. 1- 1.5 hrs). At the crater rim, you will be rewarded by an amazing view of the gigantic crater and the 200 meter deep turquoise sulfuric crater lake. You will also be able to witness how some of the world’s toughest workers battle the toxic fumes and treacherous terrain to haul 70kg sacks brimming with sulphur deposit to make a living. After enjoying the sunrise view at the crater, you will then make your way to the Lumbang Village to catch a view of the 200m cascading Madakaripura Waterfalls – the second highest in Indonesia. Proceed on to your hotel in Cemoro Lawang to rest and relax. (approx. 4 hrs) * It is possible to hike down the Ijen crater to have a closer view of the blue flame, but you would have to set off earlier (at 1am) from the hotel. Arrange with your tour guide the night before if you would like to hike down the crater. Overnight: Hotel/Resort in Cemoro Lawang.                                                                                          

 Day 3   
 CEMORO LAWANG – MOUNT BROMO – SURABAYA You will be given an early morning wakeup call at around 330 am to prepare for Mount Bromo sunrise hike. An exciting ride on the 4WD will bring you to the neighbouring peak of Gunung Penanjakan (2770m) at the edge of the Tengger crater rim to witness the beautiful sunrise views over the Bromo landscape. Rising from the flat volcanic sand bed of the caldera is the dormant core of Mount Batok (2440m) and the active volcano of Mount Bromo (2329m). Further south beyond the crater wall lies mighty Gunung Semeru (3676m) – the highest and most active volcano in Java. After enjoying the sunrise, you will then continue the exciting ride on the 4WD over the Laotian Pasir (Sand Sea) to Poten – a Tenggerese Hindu temple beside Mount Bromo. From Poten, you can choose to take a 3km hike or a pony ride to get to the base of Mount Bromo, where you will be rewarded with the close- up views of the Crater Rim after ascending a steep flight of 253 steps. Return to your lodge for breakfast. Continue the journey to Surabaya city (approx.4 hrs) and check in to your hotel for a short rest. Pay a visit to the House of Sampoerna, a top historical site in Surayaba which was built by the Dutch in 1862. The building houses a museum, an art gallery, a cafe as well as souvenir shops. Go on a food adventure with the many restaurants available in Surabaya not forgetting to sample rujak cingur, a local salad with tapioca-peanut sauce and cingur (slices of cooked cow nose) and sate kelopo (satay with coconut sauce). Overnight: Hotel in Surabaya 

Day 4                                                                                        
      SURABAYA – SINGAPORE After enjoying your breakfast in the hotel, you will be transferred to the Juanda International Airport for your flight back to Singapore Package includes: All local land transfers including airport transfers All accommodations All accommodations’ breakfasts English speaking guide for the whole trip (driver is separate person) Entrance fees to Ijen National Park, Bromo National Park and Madakaripura Waterfalls 4WD for Mount Bromo Package excludes: Return international air tickets Travel insurance Indonesian VISA (ASEAN citizens are VISA-free up to 30 days) All meals except breakfasts Horse ride at Mount Bromo Ijen guide for optional hike down the crater** Tips for guides All expenses of a personal nature **It is possible to hike down the Ijen crater to have a closer view of the blue flame, but you would have to set off earlier (at 1am) from the hotel. Arrange with your tour guide the night before if you would like to hike down the crater. FAQ Need more information on Ijen Crater and Mount Bromo? Read through our Ijen Crater frequently asked questions (FAQ) and Mt Bromo FAQ and get them answered! OPTIONAL PROGRAM We can also customise an itinerary to suit your interest. Other itineraries for your consideration are as follows:
3D2N Mount Bromo & Surabaya 4D3N

Budgeting cost of tour to ijen - bromo
Open Trip :
 IDR 2,650,000/person ( 3 person )                
 IDR 2,000,000/person ( 4 person ) 
Private.     :
 IDR 5,850,000 ( 2 pack )

What's included :
* Transpor car to pick up at train station, fery port ketapang, banyuwangi air port, bus station and some hotel of banyuwangi. 
 * Ticket entrance Ijen and Bromo
 * Climbing equietment mount of ijen
 * Jeeb transport to mount of bromo
 * Hotel at bromo for one night
 * Local guide  

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Destination Travel banyuwangi


Paket wisata Teluk Hijau – Pulau Merah – Alas Purwo – G-land Banyuwangi.
 Tempat yang dikunjungi Pantai Rajegwesi, Teluk Hijau, Pantai Batu, Pulau Merah, Tn. Alas Purwo, G Land, Sadengan, Mangrove Bedul. Untuk paket wisata 2 hari 1 malam yang kami sediakan ini akan sangat menarik perjalanan wisata anda. Teluk Hijau – Pulau Merah – Alas Purwo – G-land Banyuwangi – Paket wisata ini akan benar – benar memanjakan anda selama di Banyuwangi. Ya ! lagi lagi kita berwisata adventure selama di Banyuwangi. Memang seperti yang kita tahu, tempat wisata alam di Banyuwangi tidak ada habisnya. Selalu menarik untuk terus dikunjungi. Kembali dan berpetualang di Alam Banyuwangi. Untuk paket wisata 2 hari 1 malam yang kami sediakan ini akan sangat menarik perjalanan wisata anda. Tempat Wisata yang dikunjungi antara lain Pantai Rajegwesi, Teluk Hijau, Pantai Batu, Pulau Merah, Tn. Alas Purwo, G Land, Sadengan, Mangrove Bedul. Dalam paket wisata ini kami memberikan itinerary sebagai berikut :


Day I

08.00 Penjemputan dari stasiun/ terminal

08.00-11.00 Perjalanan Ke Rajegwesi

11.00-15.00 Explore Rajeg Wesi 

11.00-15.00 Explore Teluk hijau dan teluk batu 

15.00-16.00    Perjalanan ke Pulau Merah

16.00-18.00 Explore Sunset Pulau Merah

18.00-20.00 Perjalanan Ke Hotel

20.00 Cek In Hotel

Day II

05.00-08.00 Perjalanan menuju TN Alas Purwo

08.00-10.00 Explore Plengkung Bech

10.00-12.00 Explore Goa Istana dan pantai Pancur  

12.00-15.00 Explore Ngagelan dan sadengan

15.00-17.00 Explore Mangrove Bedul

17.00-20.00 Perjalanan Kembali ke Stasiun

20.00 Drop Di stasiun PROGRAM FINISH 

Fasilitas: Transport (termasuk: sopir, bbm, makan dan penginapan sopir, parkir) Acomodasi 1 malam (AC, TV, Air Panas) 1 Tour Guide Local Kendaraan di Plengkung Perahu teluk Hijau Air Mineral dan snack selama perjalanan Makan 4x Tiket/donasi tempat wisata

Greenbay beach
Greenbay is in south banyuwangi beach 
Quite beach is in greenbay
In side view at greenbay 


Monkeys animal stay too long at baluran destination place
One of wild animal at bengkol savana

Taman Nasional Baluran atau yang juga disebut Little Africa in Java, terdapat beberapa destinasi alam yang bisa anda kunjungi. Dari luasnya padang Savana Bekol, sampai lebatnya hutan hijau Evergreen Forest, hingga keindahan bawah laut di Bama. Dan juga ada beberapa destinasi lain seperti Gua Jepang, Curah Tangis, Sumur Tua, Manting, Dermaga, Kramat, Kajang, Balanan, Lempuyang, Talpat, Kacip, Bilik, Sejileh, Teluk Air Tawar, Batu Numpuk, Pandean atau Candi Bang yang bisa anda kunjungi.mengamati kehidupan hewan liar di Taman Nasional Baluran, juga merupakan sebuah pengalaman tersendiri. Selain keindahan alam beberapa destinasi yang sudah ada.
Bengkol savana
Bengkol Savana

Bama is a beach for diving destination
Bama beach in baluran national park

Selain memiliki objek wisata alam susur gua, Jawa Timur juga menjadi tujuan utama bagi wisatawan yang ingin mengunjungi objek wisata alam berupa pantai. Bukan tanpa sebab, pasalnya Jawa Timur juga dikenal sebagai kawasan yang kaya akan pantai dengan beragam karakteristiknya. Tak terkecuali Pantai Bama, sebuah pantai nan indah dengan pasir putih dan air jernih yang berada di balik eksotika Taman Nasional Baluran. Secara administrasi, Pantai Bama masuk dalam wilayah Situbondo. Untuk sampai ke lokasi pantai, pengunjung harus melewati gerbang masuk Taman Nasional Baluran yang berada di Jalan Banyuwangi – Situbondo km 35, Desa Wonorejo, Kecamatan Banyuputih. Dari gerbang Taman Nasional Baluran menuju lokasi Pantai Bama berjarak sekitar 8 km. Sepanjang perjalanan, pengunjung akan disajikan keindahan Taman Nasional Baluran, yang hijau di musim hujan dan terlihat gersang di musim kemarau. Tiba di lokasi pantai, pengunjung akan disambut dengan kawanan kera abu-abu ekor panjang. Pantai Bama, selain dikenal sebagai pantai dengan air jernih dan hamparan pasirnya yang putih, ternyata juga menjadi habitat bagi sekawanan hewan liar, seperti kera dan berbagai burung langka endemik Jawa Timur. Keunikan Pantai Bama yang lain adalah lokasinya yang dikelilingi oleh tumbuhan mangrove. Berjalan ke barat menyusuri jalan setapak, pengunjung bisa menyaksikan eksotika tumbuhan mangrove dari dekat dengan menyusuri jembatan pandang. Ujung jembatan pandang yang teduh kerap menjadi lokasi bagi para pengunjung pantai yang ingin melakukan aktivitas memancing. Selain dikenal dengan berbagai keunikannya, Pantai Bama juga dilengkapi dengan beberapa fasilitas penunjang wisata, seperti kamar bilas, tempat makan dan istirahat, hingga penginapan dengan pemandangan pantai di depannya. Menurut pengelola Taman Nasional Baluran, Pantai Bama kerap menjadi destinasi wisata unggulan di Situbondo dengan pemandangan matahari terbit dan pemandangan bawah laut yang menawan.

Paket Wisata 2 Hari 1 Malam Open Trip atau Private Trip Bebas pilih rute  start pagi hari jam 07.00 WIB

1 Explore Banyuwangi 1
H1 ( 07.00 WIB ) berangkat – ( 09.30 WIB ) Pantai Rajegwesi – ( 10.00 WIB )Teluk Ijo ( green bay ) – ( 12.30 WIB )Pantai Mustika –  ( 13.30 WIB ) pantai wedi ireng – ( 16.45 WIB )Pulau Merah – (19.00 WIB) Kuliner khas Banyuwangi Nasi Tempong – ( 21.00 WIB ) – Kawah Ijen ( 00.00 WIB ) Explore Kawah Ijen sampai selesai
H2 ( 09.30 WIB ) Air Terjun Jagier – ( 12.00 WIB ) Menuju Baluran – ( 15.00 WIB ) Explore Baluran – ( 17.30 WIB ) Kembali kota, Kuliner, Pusat Oleh Oleh  dan selesai

2 Explore Banyuwangi 2
H1 ( 07.00 WIB ) berangkat – ( 09.30 WIB ) Pantai Rajegwesi – ( 10.00 WIB )Teluk Ijo ( green bay ) – ( 12.30 WIB )Pantai Mustika –  ( 13.30 WIB ) pantai wedi ireng – ( 16.45 WIB )Pulau Merah – (19.00 WIB) Kuliner khas Banyuwangi Nasi Tempong – ( 21.00 WIB ) – Kawah Ijen ( 00.00 WIB ) Explore Kawah Ijen sampai selesai
H2 ( 09.30 WIB ) Air Terjun Jagier – ( 11.00 WIB ) Menuju Watu Dodol – ( 15.00 WIB ) Bangsring Renang dengan Ikan Hiu – ( 18.00 WIB ) Kembali kota, Kuliner, Pusat Oleh Oleh  dan selesai

3 Snorkeling Menjangan Under Water plus Bluefire
H1( 07.00 WIB ) berangkat  -( 07.30 WIB )  Pantai Watu Dodol – ( 07.45 WIB ) Bangsring – ( 09.45 WIB )  Snorkeling Menjangan – ( 18.00 WIB ) Pantai Boom - ( 19.00 WIB ) Kuliner khas Banyuwangi Nasi Tempong - Kawah Ijen ( 00.00 WIB ) – Selesai turun dari Ijen
H2( 08.00 WIB ( 09.30 WIB ) Air Terjun Jagier – ( 12.00 WIB ) Menuju Baluran – ( 15.00 WIB ) Explore Baluran – ( 17.30 WIB ) Kembali kota, Kuliner, Pusat Oleh Oleh  dan selesai

Harga Paket Wisata
4   orang = Rp.800.000/orang
5   orang = Rp.780.000/orang
6   orang = Rp.760.000/orang
7   orang = Rp.740.000/orang
8   orang = Rp.710.000/orang
9   orang = Rp.680.000/orang
10 orang = Rp.650.000/orang

Include :
- Transportasi AC Selama Tour
- Hotel
- Konsumsi ( 2P, 2S, 2M )
- Tiket Masuk Lokasi Wisata
- Perahu
- Guide Ijen
- Transport dari dan ke Kota Asal
- Kebutuhan Pribadi Selama Tour
- Harga Paket Hanya Transportasi ( bonus welcome drink and snack )
- Xenia / Avanza ( Kapasitas Maksimal 6 Orang )  = Rp. 1.500.000
- Innova ( Kapasitas Maksimal 6 Orang )               = Rp. 1.800.000
- Isuzu ELF ( Kapasitas Maksimal 13 Orang )       = Rp. 2.300.000