This is ijen volcano

Ijen volcano contains the world's largest acidic volcanic lake. It is located in east Java, Indonesia. The Ijen volcanic complex consists of several stratovolcanoes and cinder cones and a 20 km wide caldera. Ijen caldera is the largest in Java. The size of the crater is about 960 m x 600 m. The primary dangers at Ijen are pyroclastic flows, lahars, and lava flows.

This is lake at Ijen Crater

When it comes to guides, several Indonesian companies offer tours, but the best way to go about seeing the blue fire of Kawah Ijen volcano is to hire a local guide.

This is the miners when bring up sulfur into the busket

Then it is just better for you to back off and let the miners pass. Of course, with 70kg resting on your shoulder, you wouldn't want to wait for some tourist either, so they always should have the right of way. While they also don't request any money for the photos, some of them sell goods made out of sulfur

This is red island for surfing

Pulau merah or Pulo merah is a beach and tourist attraction in the district of pesanggaran,this beach is known for a small green hill with a red land located near the beach,the hill can be visited on foot at low tide. Red island beach is one of the leading destinations in Banyuwangi that located in Sumberagung Village, Pesanggaran District, or 60 km from the city center...

This is coffe plantation around ijen volcano

kali klatak coffe plantation Kaliklatak not the name of a creek or river. He is the name of a plantation located in the eastern most tip Jawadwipa, aka Java. This plantation is located in Banyuwangi exactly who obtained an abundance of grace of God Almighty in the earth's natural environment and a fertile, beautiful, and fascinating.Kaliklatak Plantation

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Ijen Vacation guide and beach

Tour package

Red island vacation in banyuwangi is the main holiday destination

Ijen vacation guide and beach 
provides and implements visitor guidance with a travel package for 3 day and 2 night , scouting this tour includes climbing mount ijen and beach tours in sukamade, we will provide comfort and travel satisfaction with the purpose of a agreeded tour package.

start to departs from  hotel Banyuwangi
day 1 tour to kawah ijen : 

24.00 am - leaving for  hotel
01.30 am - arriving at paltuding
02.00 am - start to hiking
03.30 am - orientation  bluefire
05.00 am - being in sunrise poin
06.00 am - back to paltuding
07.30 am - riding back to hotel
09.00 am - breakfast dan check out

day 2 Tour to Pantai Sukamade
10.00 am - start departs to Sukamade
13.00 pm - lunch
14.30 pm - Orientation making palm sugar
15.30 pm - orientation green bay beach
17.00 pm - arriving at sukamade hotel
18.30 pm - observation turtle lay eggs
23.00 pm - back to hotel and rest

06.00 am - breakfast
07.00 am - release baby turtles
08.00 am - check out from hotel
13.00 pm - Orientation red island
14.00 pm - traveling back to Banyuwangi
16.00 pm - finish tour

Tour package

Puncak asmoro is spot to see sunset
Ijen vacation guide to roasting coffe

start to departs from  hotel Banyuwang
day 1 tour to kawah ijen : 

24.00 am - leaving for  hotel
01.30 am - arriving at paltuding
02.00 am - start to hiking
03.30 am - orientation  bluefire
05.00 am - being in sunrise poin
06.00 am - back to paltuding
07.30 am - traveling to waterfall
09.30 am - traveling to coffe production and nature roasting 
11.30 am - lunch
12.00 pm - back to hotel

Activities on guiding Walking up to Ijen Crater
Ijen Volcano guide in the piek of crater to show on sunrise view
Guiding of germany guests in the top of ijen crater

The highest acidic lake in Ijen volcano Banyuwangi
Guiding to get the base on ijen crater
Baluran National Park
Guiding to Baluran National Park

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Ijen red Island and Boom beach guide

red island ever became the place of international surfing competition 
Pulau merah or Pulo merah is a beach and tourist attraction in the district of pesanggaran,this beach is known for a small green hill with a red land located near the beach,the hill can be visited on foot at low tide.
Red island beach is one of the leading destinations in Banyuwangi that located in Sumberagung Village, Pesanggaran District, or 60 km from the city center towards the south of Banyuwangi, it takes 2.5 hours drive when reached by car.
Before being named the red island beach, the beach is named Ringin Pitu. There are two reasons why this beach is known as the Red Beach, the first because of there was pink reddish soil at the beach, while the second version because it supposedly emitted red light around the shoreline.
With waves as high as 4 meters when the tide, and the waves as far as 3km long, it makes the Red Sea as a destination for surfers. It has been proved by the International Surfing Championship Competition in 2013 
boom beach is main destination to be visited
Boom Beach is one of beach where the people can see sunset
Located in the village of Mandar, Banyuwangi, Boom Beach was once an important port in Banyuwangi. This beach is located in the center of the town of Banyuwangi and it visited by many tourists, both from local  and outside of Banyuwangi. This beach is typical a black sandy beach and it has an exotic background of Bali island. The visitors can enjoy the beach while enjoying the coconut in pedestrian line or enjoying horse riding or riding an ATV.
Aside from being a tourist destination, the beach is also becomes one of the venues for several major events such as Sewu Gandrung colossal dances, that is a traditional event with 1000 of traditional dances and Banyuwangi Beach Jazz Festival

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Ijen coffe Plantation

Coffe plantation located on kali klatak village
Coffe plantation

Kaliklatak not the name of a creek or river. He is the name of a plantation located in the eastern most tip Jawadwipa, aka Java. This plantation is located in Banyuwangi exactly who obtained an abundance of grace of God Almighty in the earth's natural environment and a fertile, beautiful, and fascinating.
Plantation is located approximately 15 km from the port city of Ketapang-Gilimanuk ferry crossing, heading inland. With public transportation or car from the town of Banyuwangi, visitors can explore the mountains of rural roads to the Plantation Kaliklatak.

From the capital city of Jakarta, guests can take the route of Jakarta - Surabaya - Banyuwangi by bus or Jakarta - Surabaya by train or plane and Surabaya - Banyuwangi by bus. In addition to the route before, there are still many other routes into the estate.
Kaliklatak plantation area of ​​1013 hectares situated at an altitude of 450 meters above sea level. At the highest about 850 m above sea level that is Hargosonyo, visitors can see views of the city of Banyuwangi, Bali Strait, Blambangan Peninsula, and the island of Bali. Eve was there felt comfortable in the middle of a sense of peace that blanketed the land of beautiful mountains with panoramic views, set in the back of Mount Merapi in Central Java and East Java Ranti Mt.
Plantation Kaliklatak originally owned by Dutch company Mij. Moorman & Co.. with a Dutch-led Administrator. In 1957, after a negotiation and agreement, this garden changes hands to R. Soehoed Prawiroatmodjo, an indigenous entrepreneur who started his career from the bottom.
In the beginning of this plantation planted with coffee, rubber and cocoa afterwards. In the hands of Mr. R. Soehoed Prawiroatmodjo, Kaliklatak developed with the addition of various kinds of economic crops such as pepper, cloves, nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, keningar, eucalyptus, coconut, and fruits of various kinds such as bananas, oranges, and kelengkeng.
In 1986, Plantation Kaliklatak has grown rapidly. Under the direction of 10 people leadership, working 70 employees monthly and 600 daily workers and equipment. At the beginning of the third millennium, the plantation business structure now consists of 8 sections (section), which is 3 coffee section, 1 section rubber, 1 section of cocoa, a horticulture department, a department of cloves, and 1 section mill. With a system approach, care, regular monthly meetings, department leaders sit down with employees to perform consulting solutions based on solving problems.
As the physical facilities, available housing for employees, kindergartens, schools, buildings and oleharga arts, places of worship (mosques and churches), and the market. Building the arts and sports used to practice dancing, musicians, gymnastics, and sports, each of which intensified to maintain health and physical fitness as well as consolidation manners.
R. Soehoed Prawiroatmodjo have a very far future. For him, the history of human life is an element of human civilization itself from age to age. For that he build a temple gate called Chess Purwaning Dumadi with decorative fencing history with 36 reliefs depicting human history from ancient times, the present, until the future. This is a message to the younger generation not to forget history, always be professional whatever job choice, and introduce to the international community that the Indonesian people love peace and understand the essence of life as a gift of God Almighty.
As a token of gratitude to God the gift of the earth, forests and plantations, each dated April 17, the whole family Kaliklatak plantations held a ceremony accompanied by prayer Wanakretih alms earth.

Harvested coffe
harvesting coffe

How to harvest coffe that is ready for production, this coffe fruit before production,coffe beens are dried first and sent to factory for processing, and some are produced by local people by frying coffe beans and refining until becomes coffe powder.


Tour price : IDR700,000 ( 2pack )
share tour : IDR300,000/person

What's include :
  • Transport to Kali Klatak village
  • Having lunch
  • Coffe drink
  • See Sunset at Puncak Asmara,Gombeng Sari village
  • Coffe roasting
  • Milking of goat's milk

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Ijen Culture Festival

Kuwung berarti pelangi, menghadirkan beragam seni budaya yang tumbuh di seluruh pelosok Banyuwangi.
Kuwung menampilkan mulai dari budaya Suku Osing (masyarakat asli Banyuwangi) hingga budaya dari berbagai pelosok yang banyak menunjukkan hibriditas budaya. 
Tari yang dibawakan para seniman dari Kecamatan Bangorejo dan sekitarnya itu mengisahkan tumbuhnya seni jaranan di Banyuwangi.

Tari tradisional banyuwangi
Tari Reog di festival kuwung banyuwangi

Digambarkan tokoh bernama Asnawi yang merupakan pendatang dari wilayah Mataraman (Jawa Timur bagian barat) mengembangkan seni jaranan dan reog ke Banyuwangi.
Jaranan pun berkembang dengan cita rasanya tersendiri karena telah terpaut dengan unsur seni Blambangan, kerajaan awal mula Banyuwangi.

Hibriditas kebudayaan tersebut, menurut Anas, sebagai perlambang dari inklusivitas warga Banyuwangi
"Orang Banyuwangi tidak anti keanekaragaman, baik suku, agama, maupun budaya. Keanekaragaman itu mampu diolah menjadi modal sosial dalam memajukan daerah,” ujar Anas.
ativitas dan keterbukaan tersebut, lanjut Anas, menjadi watak dasar warga Banyuwangi yang menjadikannya individu yang inovatif.

Banyuwangi local dance
Banyuwangi traditional culture art
Banyuwangi besides being famous for the beauty of the ijen moutains, there are also Banyuwangi traditional arts tours such as Jaranan, Gandrung dance and several other dances which indicate that banyuwangi is a city that has a tourist and cultural icon, Ijen Crater tour provides accommodation to explore banyuwangi culture and tourism.
Ijen culture festival will be commited at every year in banyuwangi
Gandrung dance in ijen culture festival

seni Tradisional Banyuwangi , JARANAN adalah kesenian tradisional banyuwangi yang dilaksanakan pada acara khintanan,pernikahan dan acara sakral banyuwangi, penari jaranan ini sampai mengalami kesurupan atau tidak sadar diri sehingga penari ini sampai makan kaca atau benda tajam lainya.Lihat detail videonya

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How to get Ijen Volcano

To get Ijen Volcano from Banyuwangi city
Ijen Volcano
Indonesia's Kawah Ijen volcano, located near the eastern tip of Java island, is a relatively ordinary volcano by day. OK so it's kind of terrifying, as most volcanoes are, but there's nothing about it that outwardly separates it from any of the other hundreds of volcanoes in this island country.
To learn why, you'll need to head to the base of the volcano just after midnight, and hike up and into the volcano's crater. It's no easy task—you'll trek more than four miles and ascend to heights of nearly 10,000 feet, with only the light of the moon to guide you—and that's if it's out.

Inside Kawah Ijen Volcano

How to get area, you'll also need a gas mask: When you begin your descent into the crater, toxic sulfur fumes blow over you, marring not only your ability to breathe, but also your visibility. (It's for this reason that you should also probably bring a local guide with you—but more on that in a minute).
Around the time the clock strikes three or four, you'll have arrived at the bottom of the crater, and laid your eyes upon one of the most alien sights on our planet: Blue fire spewing out of the ground! The vibrant blue hue of these flames, which results from heavy sulfur deposits in the volcano, is best seen during the darkest part of the night, hence your needing to wake up long before the crack of dawn.
the miners at ijen crater
hard job of miners at ijen volcano

The Dark Side of the Blue Light

As you continue marveling at the azure beauty unfolding in front of you, you might notice dozens or even hundreds of men around you, moving feverishly—and without gas masks. These are sulfur miners, residents of small villages around the base of the volcano, employed by the Chinese company that owns the mine.
Think your trek was difficult? The miners carry approximately 88 pounds of powdery, toxic sulfur at a time, in two baskets connected by a beam of bamboo and suspended over their shoulders, over the same distance—and probably faster than you walked it. They also earn less than $7 (yes, that's U.S. dollars) for their effort, in spite of the fact that sulfur has an extremely high commercial value.
The miners won't mind you being there (although, again, you should probably take a guide) but it's customary to tip them 10,000-20,000 Indonesian rupiah so they can buy cigarettes—smoking is their favorite creature comfort, which is perhaps ironic given the damage the sulfur fumes almost certainly inflict upon their lungs. Hopefully in the future, local people won't need to do this backbreaking work, and the only reason to go down into Indonesia's blue-fire volcano will be tourism.

Kawah Ijen Guided Tours

When it comes to guides, several Indonesian companies offer tours, but the best way to go about seeing the blue fire of Kawah Ijen volcano is to hire a local guide. 
The guide is not only passionate, professional and fluent in English, but invests proceeds from his tours into education in his village, which will decrease the dependency of locals on mining jobs, ultimately increasing the quality of their lives. One day, he hopes, there will be no sadness felt at Kawah Ijen volcano—only amazement!

How to Get to Banyuwangi

As far as how to get there, you have a few options. Blimbingsari Airport near Banyuwangi has recently opened for limited flights, but if you aren't able to get on one of those, you have two relatively easy options.
The first is to fly to Denpasar Airport in Bali, Indonesia's busiest tourist hub, then take a ferry over to Java Island, which drops you directly in Banyuwangi for easy pickup by your guide. The second option is to fly to Surabaya, the second-largest city in Indonesia, and the then take the approximately six-hour train journey to Banyuwangi from there.
No matter how you arrive to Banyuwangi, make sure to keep in mind that your trek will probably start around midnight. While some tourists prefer to arrive around this time and get right to it, others prefer to early in the morning and spend the entire day resting in preparation. The most important thing is to be conscious!
Enjoy the panorama of ijen volcano
Hiking to get sunrise view at ijen volcano

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Ijen Crater Tour

Ijen crater lake tour providing transport and guide
Ijen Crater Lake contains the highest acidic in the world

We are a tour guide in the profesionalisme to carry out local and domestic tourist in searching the nature attraction in banyuwangi,Ijen Crater Agen is going to give better service in guiding visitors to see nature beauty,beaches,agrotourism that is the main destinations of tourists.Read more click here for detail information
Ijen crater tour
Tourt transport to banyuwangi attraction

Ijen Mountain in Banyuwangi
hiking at mount of ijen

Gunung Ijen is a mountain located between the cities of Banyuwangi and Bondowoso, in mount ijen there are craters and lakes where there are natural phenomena known as bluefireRead more For Detail Information


: pick up service
07.00-11.00 pm
: drive to gilmanuk harbor
11.00-12.00 am
: go to java by fery
12.00-01.00 am
: drive to ijen parking area
01.00-02.30 am
: hiking to ijen crater rim
02.30-03.00 am
: down the crater for blue fire
03.00-04.00 am
: experience the blue fires
04.00-05.00 am
: back to the crater rim
05.00-06.00 am
: enjoy the view over   the acidic lake and sunrise
06.00-07.00 am
: back to parking area
07.00-08.00 am
: breakfast
08.00-02.00 pm
: back to bali ( ubud )
2.00 pm
: finish the program
  • 1 pax   : idr. 3.000.000
  • 2 pax   : idr. 1.687.000/pax
  • 3 pax   : idr. 1.343.000/pax
  • 4 pax   : idr. 1.253.000/pax
  • 5 pax   : idr. 1.224.000/pax
  • 6 pax   : idr. 1.200.000/pax
  • 7 pax   : idr. 1.142.000/pax
  • 8 pax   : idr. 1.020.000/pax
  • 9 pax   : idr.    933.000/pax
  • 10 pax : idr.    848.000/pax
  • Transfortation from Bali to Java
  • Fery
  • Entrance fee
  • Trakking guide
  • gas mask
  • local breakfast

  • Exncluded
  • Lunch and dinner
  • tiping guide and driver

IJEN CRATER TOURPick up  Hotel in Banyuwangi/Ketapang Harbor

  • 00.30 am : start to leaving for hotel
  • 02.00 am   :  arrive in paltuding,the end of meeting poin before hiking
  • 03.30 am : orientation spot of blue fire
  • 04.15 am : back climbing to poin of sunrise
  • 05.15 am : enjoing sunrise
  • 06.15 am : return to go down 
  • 07.30 am : finish back to hotel

Budgeting Tour
  1. Open Trip  : IDR 275,000/person
  1. Private.      : IDR 950,000 ( 2 pack)
What's include
  • Transport
  • Ticket fee to crater of ijen
  • Gas mask
  • Local Guide

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Banyuwangi Ijen Homestay

Comfort stay at ijen homestay
Ijen Homestay Room

Ijen homestay provides a pleasant and environmentally friendly place to rest, located in the city center of Banyuwangi Mataram 39 road, Taman Baru. The homestay is equipped with air conditioning / fan, flat screen television, free internet access and private bathroom. Very close to the city center and the market area around 2km takes 15 minutes. to reach ijen homestays from docks, bus terminals, and train stations can use taxis / public transportation at affordable prices. ijen homestay is also willing to arrange your vacation in the city of Banyuwangi such as: Tour to Ijen Crater, dive, and see turtles lay eggs at night.

Ijen Home Stay
Ijen Homestay consisits of 8 room for private facilities

Provided 8 rooms are available at ijen homestay

Terrace of ijen homestay make comfort to relaxing

Selasa, 23 Oktober 2018

Ijen Homestay

Ijen homestay adalah tempat penginapan yang berada di pusat kota banyuwangi,di rancang untuk memberi kenyamanan untuk para tamu yang ingin beristirahat, bangunan rumah ini berukuran 5 m x 10 m di lengkapi dengan air condition dan layar datar TV, memberikan fasilitas juga untuk wifi dan ruang santai yang bersih dan jauh dari polusi udara,untuk menjangkau homestay ini sangat mudah sekali dan banyak akses jalan yang menuju ijen homestay, transportasi dari kedatangan tamu ke banyuwangi melalui dermaga ketapang,stasiun kereta api dan terminal bus dapat menggunakan transportasi umum,taxi,yang harganya terjangkau menuju alamat homestay : Jln. Mataram 39,Taman Baru - Banyuwangi.
Harga sewa kamar terbagi menjadi 2 pilihan :

A. Kamar dengan AC, Layar screen TV, Toilet, harga : 200.000IDR/hari.

B. Kamar dengan fan, Layar screen TV, Toilet, harga : 150.000IDR/hari.
Termasuk sarapan/breakfast, Teh, Coffee

waiting room of guest
Waiting room and lobby of guest at ijen homestay


bed room with fan at ijen homestay
singgle bedroom with fan at ijen homestay


guest room with air condition
bedroom for two people with air condition at ijen homestay

Read more for detail ijen homestay

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Alas Purwo dan G-LAND

Alas Purwo
Alas Purwo

TOUR ALAS PURWO & G-LAND Taman Nasional Alas Purwo, Kalipait, Tegaldlimo, Kabupaten Banyuwangi, Jawa Timur 68484, Indonesia

from/per person Rp2,250,000 HomeTour Alas Purwo & G-Land 2 days tour Akomodasi Group allowed Guide lokal Makan Transportasi VIEW ON MAP

supranatural for geeting the right intruction of life
Purwo forest is the supranatural place
Taman Nasional Alas Purwo terletak di ujung timur pulau Jawa dan merupakan salah satu kawasan konservasi hutan di pulau Jawa yang masih sangat alami, lokasinya yang cukup terpencil membuat ekosistem di taman nasional ini relatif terjaga kelestariannya, bahkan beberapa bagian inti dari area konservasi Alas Purwo terbilang masih “perawan” dan belum terjamah tangan manusia. Alas Purwo sendiri dipercaya oleh masyarakat Jawa sebagai hutan yang “wingit” atau alami atau perawan yang akan mengakibatkan murka bagi orang-orang yang merusaknya, selain itu beberapa penganut kepercayaan Jawa mempercayai Alas Purwo merupakan rumah dimana para leluhur tinggal dan dapat berinteraksi dengan mereka. Selain hal-hal mitos di atas, Alas Purwo memiliki beberapa spot wisata di luar kawasan inti konservasinya, beberapa di antaranya Pantai Bedul, Area konservasi penyu di Ngagelan, Pantai Pancur, Goa Istana, padang rumput Sadengan, pantai Plengkung, pantai Gotri, Pura Luhur Giri Salaka dan banyak lagi spot yang masih belum dikelola untuk kepentingan pariwisata. Selama di Alas Purwo, pengunjung dapat berjumpa dengan hewan-hewan yang hidup liar seperti kijang, babi hutan, berbagai jenis burung seperti merak, elang jawa dan terutama yang menjadi ikon padang rumput Sadengan adalah banteng Jawa. Kegiatan wisata di Alas Purwo tentu saja akan menjelajahi spot-spot wisata yang relatif belum banyak dikunjungi oleh wisatawan, pantai-pantai nya yang masih alami dan indah, alam liarnya yang menantang dan goa-goanya yang penuh mitos dan suasana alamnya yang sejuk, juga mengenal lebih dekat kehidupan masyarakat lokal yang tinggal dan hidup secara tradisional di sekitar kawasan konservasi ini.

What included?

A. Transportasi selama tour berlangsung termasuk kendaraan off road Antar jemput hotel
B. Tiket masuk untuk wisatawan lokal BBM, Tol dan parkir Hotel di Jajag untuk 1 malam (New Surya Hotel or Hotel Baru Indah)
C. Tour guide
Makan seperti disebutkan pada itinerary

What excluded?

A. Personal expenses
B. Insurances
C. Tipping


Day 1 – Pick up at Banyuwangi (L,D)Tour Alas Purwo

07:00am Kami akan menjemput Anda di Banyuwangi, bisa di hotel, bandara atau tempat lain di dalam kota Banyuwangi, selanjutnya kita akan berkendara menuju Taman Nasional Alas Purwo, perjalanan akan berlangsung kurang lebih 3,5 jam.
11:00am Kita akan tiba di Alas Purwo, pertama kita akan mengunjungi area konservasi penyu di pantai Ngagelan, di sini kita bisa melihat telur penyu diinkubasi secara alami dan saat menetas akan dilepaskan ke habitat alaminya di sepanjang pantai Ngagelan.
01:00pm Selanjutnya kita juga akan mengunjungi Pura Luhur Giri Salaka, ini adalah tempat ibadah umat Hindu, merupakan salah satu pura tertua di Banyuwangi, selanjutnya kita juga akan mengunjungi situs Kawitan.
03:00pm Kita akan mengunjungi padang rumput Sadengan, savanna ini merupakan rumah bagi banteng jawa liar, kita bisa melihat seluruh kawasan padang rumput ini menggunakan teropong.
04:00pm Kita akan keluar dari kawasan Alas Purwo dan menuju Jajag, perjalanan akan ditempuh selama kurang lebih 1-1,5 jam, kemudian check in hotel dan free time.
07:00pm Makan malam di restaurant lokal di sekitar Jajag, Banyuwangi. Selanjutnya kembali ke hotel dan istirahat.

Day 2 –Taman Nasional Alas Purwo (B,L,D) Tour pantai Plengkung, G-LAND

07:00am pagi kita akan meninggalkan hotel dan segera menuju kawasan Taman Nasional Alas Purwo, selanjutnya kita akan mengunjungi pantai pancur
09:00am dari sini kita juga akan trekking menuju Goa Istana selama kurang lebih 40 menit, goa ini dipercaya merupakan tempat meditasi untuk berkomunikasi dengan leluhur.
12:00am Makan siang di kafetaria di sekitar pantai Pancur.
01:00pm Selanjutnya kita akan menuju pantai Plengkung menggunakan angkutan off road yang disediakan oleh masyarakat lokal, sebelum pantai Plengkung, kita akan stop di pantai pasir Gotri yang terletak kurang lebih 10 menit dari pantai Pancur. dari pantai Gotri, butuh waktu kurang lebih 40 menit untuk tiba di pantai Plengkung.
02:00pm Kita akan memiliki waktu yang cukup panjang untuk menjelajahi pantai Plengkung yang sangat populer sebagai destinasi surfing dunia, tak diragunakan lagi bahwa pantai plengkung memiliki ombak yang mampu menarik surfer professional dunia untuk datang berkunjung ke lokasi yang terpencil ini.
04:00pm Kita akan kembali ke pantai Pancur break dan sejenak di pantai Pancur.
05:00pm Selanjutnya kita akan kembali ke Banyuwangi menempuh pejalanan kurang lebih 3,5 jam.
09:00pm Tiba di Banyuwangi dan tour selesai

G-Land Surfing

Tour expences:

A. IDR 2.225.000/person ( 2 person )
B. IDR 1.750.000/person ( 3 person )
C. IDR 1.500.000/person ( 4 person )


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Ijen tour to bunsring under water

Bungsring under water,object destination to diving

Bansring under water
sailing on the boat for snorkeling and diving

relaxing at floting house
bansring floating house

Tourist Destination at Bangsring Beach Underwater Banyuwangi There are many entertaining activities that can be done at Bangsring Banyuwangi Beach location. You can choose activities that suit your liking. Below are the activity options you can take Bangsring Beach Tour Rumah Apung Interesting place visited by many tourists is Bangsring Rumah Apung.
this place is the biggest attraction
keramba or tamer shark with area 3 times 3 meters

Rumah Apung is located at a distance of 20 meters from the beach. This place is the biggest attraction in Bunder Bangsring Underwater. You can board a boat to reach Rumah Apung. You can also rent a boat back from this place to sail. The types of boats that can be rented are canoe and banana boat. The number of canoes provided amounted to 17 pieces, while banana boat available 4 pieces. You do not worry when lingering in Rumah Apung. Place an area of ​​27 times 7 meters has been providing toilet facilities for visitors. In this place there are also keramba-keramba or tamer shark with area 3 times 3 meters amounted to 8 pieces. You who do not dare to go down, you can see from above. This floating house is built somewhat to the middle so that the sharks that live in the cage can survive comfortably. This floating house is also a fitting place to see the charm of the sunset. The form is simple but unique, a special attraction for the tourists who come. You can rest in this place, while waiting for dusk to arrive.
Snorkeling at  bansring under water
diving and snorkeling at bansring under water

The exotic landscape of the sunset will look more beautiful in the middle of the sea Bangsring Beach. Sensation of  Another interesting thing you can do in the Floating House is to swim with a herd of sharks, as has been described in the above description. Rumah Apung already provides complete equipment for diving, for you who want to try the sensation of swimming with this nose-nosed fish. You will be guided by divers who are in this place. Do not worry, divers will always put your safety first. It takes a special technique to be able to swim with the existing sharks. You have to get down into the water very slowly so the fish do not feel surprised. After being fully in a pond cage, you also still have to maintain the attitude of caution by not making a sudden and rapid movement. Try to be calm. The sharks that are bred in Bangsring Beach are brown sharks, with black fin shoots. When you are able to adjust to the state of the pool, sharks as it welcomes your arrival with a swim around you. This is sure to be a valuable experience for you yes. Swim with the ferocious fish. To capture your moments, you can rent an underwater camera. Not only sharks that are in the cage, you will be accompanied by small fish such as ornamental fish, lobsters, and so forth.
Diving at bansring
snorkeling to see the beauty of plantation under sea

Happy Dive Grand Watudodol

1x Dive Rp 250.000
2x Dive Rp 350.000

Included in Happy Dive Grand Watudodol

A. Dive Gear
B. Guide Dive
C. Refreshment

not included :

Wetsuit Rp 50.000 / unit
Rent Underwater Camera Rp 100.000 / unit


07.00 Meeting point GWD, diving and brieving preparation activities

08.00 Start Diving at Grand Watudodol Beach Banyuwangi

12.00 Out of the beach, lunch break

13.00 Continuing the diving around the Grand Watudodol beach spot

15.00 Finish Diving, rinse and re-check the diving tool

Diving tool

the tools of diving